II Elite Media Group is a full-service recording studio, and production company located in Garland, Texas. We are a proud member of Revel One, which is a group of companies working together in the entertainment industry. Bringing you Live Events, Lighting, Sound, DJ’s, Video Production, Backline, Touring, and Show Management.

II Elite Media Group 9

What We Do

Our mission is to provide guidance and support for your project to succeed in the entertainment, and broadcast industry. Our recording studio caters to all types of audio production, music and experience levels. Whether it's voice-overs, podcast, commercials, rock, jazz, country, rap, R&B, pop, Latin, EDM, or international music from around the world, we have the necessary tools and know how to make your project shine. II Elite Media Group has in-house producers, songwriters, musicians, and engineers to help you bring your creative ideas to fruition. All skillfully scored, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered. II Elite Media Group has created an environment that allows you to focus on your creativity with all the extra comforts of Wi-Fi access, break room, meditation area and a rest room and shower.

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Bathroom with Shower
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Meditation Area